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Steve Cheatham

The absurd idea that you can turn off all or parts of the internet is a dinosaur. But, alas, somebody might try it.
Thanks for keeping your eye on the ball so I can operate with the security that I am a step ahead of the crazies.

John Moravec

Shutting down all parts of the Internet is indeed impossible. It may however be possible to "disconnect" USA from the rest of the world, leaving the rest of the world screwed (no root DNS servers), at least for a while.

People, economy and industries now depend on the Internet, so shutting it down is like protecting yourself by shooting yourself in the stomach. And what about those terrorists we're so much afraid of? Won't they find this kill switch as a wonderful target to hit and cause excessive damage? Let's make it easy for them. Let's construct a kill switch! Let us protect ourselves from terrorists by creating another big target for them!

Human stupidity really amazes me sometimes. I'd laugh if it wasn't so sad. 9/11 made us afraid, reckless and stupid. The terrorists have indeed won.


Even though the threat is pretty stupid, I have to say that your idea of providing a local wireless network so your customers still have a way to access their data, is a good idea.

John, when you guys are done setting up these wireless networks around your datacenters, maybe we could join our forces and work together on building a "politics kill switch" ? :)



Thank you for this information and brining it to my attention, I don't have the time to follow all this nonsense about kill switches.

Hmmmm, I wonder if anybody has ever routed IP over short wave radio. LOL.

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