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Joel J. Adamson

Hmmm...you must have been using FreeBSD or GNU/Linux long before I started. I have never had these experiences you speak of, in general I find the Free Desktop much more usable than Macintosh or that other one. What OS were you using where you had to install five packages and configure for a week to read a pdf? Are you exaggerating?

John Kozubik

Well, you're talking about two different things there.

The FreeBSD/X/Ion combination was indeed much more usable than OSX. That's why I needed to add these third party software packages to OSX to get things like focus-follows-mouse and so on. So I think we're in agreement there. I do still, in fact, miss that desktop environment.

But the convenience factor has OSX winning hands down. To use the specific example above, the acroread package on FreeBSD typically requires ALL of linux-base (we're talking gigabytes of installed files here), a kernel module that is required from that point forward, and additional configuration in Opera. At the end of the day you have a clumsy viewer that launches separately and crashes often.

Certainly there are all manner of interesting things I could do with the ports dependencies to install "merely" some smaller subset of linux base, etc., but we're still talking about a terrifically cluttered, overinstalled system just to look at a PDF.

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