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Telmo Menezes

Hi John,

I am an happy user of rsync.net. I was attracted by several aspects of your service. One of them is the way you use open technologies to let me make my own choices. This alone makes your offering very powerful when compared to the alternatives. The other is your customer support: helpful, doesn't treat me like an idiot. What a contrast from the default corporate offerings.

It is very interesting to now realize that you share some of my philosophical concerns. More and more I tend to believe that we are arriving at a turning point in human History. Not driven by buzzwords like "swarm intelligence" or "web 2.0" or whatever the current thing is, but by an actual shift in the way people think and the kind of things they are willing to put up with.

C. Riley

As a very happy user of rsync.net, I'm intrigued by any new companies/services you will be offering. With that said, can you give any more info about what "Trent" will be?

John Kozubik

@C. Riley

Well, you know who Bob and Alice and Mallory are, right ?

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