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maple story mesos

Glad to help. Can't tell you how many times ramdom posts like this have saved mine!



Before I can use your good work... can you please post a little howto on using the new fsck on 6.2 for noobs like me?

I have one partition /dev/ad0s1d (/var) that is experiencing these errors when trying to map an alternate super block to it:
fsck_ffs: cannot alloc 2155905152 bytes for inoinfo
and a segmentation fault when running dumpfs.

I have no idea how to 'mount/install/use' the fsck you've provided in Single User Mode that the drive is booting to due to the super block error, but need to as its uber important that I get /var fixed and the FreeBSD install on it booting normally.

Before finding your post I asked for help at:


I will link back to your blog post once I have fixed the error.

This is AWESOME work,

thank you!

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