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Dan Langille

My contribution to the bounty is free admission to BSDCan and tutorials.

From 2007, this was worth roughly CAD$400.

Ulrich Spoerlein

I'll add EUR 100,- (~USD 147,-) into the pot if someone manages to make Flash9 "just work" on FreeBSD.


Another bounty!
REWARD: free hosting of your 1U server for 4 months -- including 10Mbps. If you don't want hosting, the backup prize is: $100. Take your pick (1U hosting is worth more, but maybe you don't need hosting...)

My bounty terms:
o Flash9 plugin working in a stable manner on FreeBSD 7.x
o Arbitrary deadline: The Ides of March, 2008! Beware the Ides!

I'll payout the same person paid out by kozubik (assuming my terms are met as well). If there are any *valid* arguments over who should get paid, then the money will go to! (example argument scenario: Adobe releases a FreeBSD port and several people claim to have 'fixed the problem').

Mark Carlson

Well, I hope as much as you do that we can get Flash working natively in FreeBSD, but in the meantime you may want to just install wine + firefox + flash (for windows). It's very easy and works reasonably well. It certainly isn't production-worthy, but if all you want is to visit some websites that are flash-only or have flash content you wish to view, it works! I did have one crash, but I don't remember if it was flash related or not. Wine is good, but not great, esp. on FreeBSD.

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